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Facies development of the Middle Miocene reefal limestone

 · Therefore the present work aims to document the facies development and paleoenvironment of the Wadi Waqb reefal limestone on the northern coastal area of the Red Sea Saudi Arabia using lithological properties fossil content and microfacies analysis 2 Materials and methods Two composite sections were measured at Wadi Aynouna 35° 10′ E

Tertiary of the Arabian Gulf sedimentology and

 · Introduction The recognition that some of the richest fields in the Middle East occur in the younger Cenozoic rocks of Iraq and Iran described by Ala et al 1980 and Beydoun et al 1992 inevitably raises questions concerning the potential of coeval rocks in other areas particularly in the northern and southern Arabian Gulf

Institute for Applied Geology Jeddah Saudi Arabia

A location map of 17 of these ancient workings is given 65 Andesitic rocks Acidic pyroctatics with Limestone Mudstone sandstone Pyroclastic etc Andesitic and for Basaltic rocks KINGDOM OF SAUDI ARABIA INSTITUTE OF APPLIED GEOLOGY EXPL ANATION AREA ASSIGNED TO STUDENTS A I Nourthern A Veslam A 2 Central O Sharief A 3

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Safaniya Oil Field Wikipedia

Safaniya Oil Field Arabic حقل السفانية النفطي operated and owned by Saudi Aramco is the largest offshore oil field in the world It is located about 265 kilometres 165 mi north of the company headquarters in Dhahran on the coast of the Persian Gulf Saudi 50 by 15 kilometres by mi the field has a producing capability of more than million

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Saudi Aramco World Well Done Well Seven

It made possible the commercial development of oil in Saudi Arabia and all that flowed from that Prosperity for the kingdom s people resources with which to build the country s future and strength to make its moderating voice heard in international affairs The find also set Aramco firmly on course toward becoming the world s largest oil producing company The discovery

Rub al Khali Basin Wikipedia

The Rub al Khali Basin ٱلرُّبْع ٱلْخَالِي or ar Rubʻ al Khālī / ar rubʿ al ḵālī Basin Arabic for Empty Quarter Basin is a major endorheic sedimentary basin of approximately 560 000 square kilometres 220 000 sq mi in southern Saudi Arabia northeastern Yemen southeastern Oman and southeasternmost United Arab Emirates

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Farther east are granular fine grained limestones no doubt originally silt sized with minor calcarenite generally with a lime mud matrix Still farther lithographic limestones which must have been laid down as essentially pure lime mud become prominent In the area of the oil fields the upper Arab evaporites periodically expand from west to east and the general cycle fina ly

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Low Silica Limestone 95% CaCO 3 Low Silica < % Low Silica Limestone is used in steel plants with BOF technology as a flux Chemical Grade Limestone 94% CaCO 3 Low Silica < % Chemical grade limestone is used mainly in chemical

Mapping lateritic bauxite at Az Zabirah Saudi Arabia

marine sedimentary rocks dominate the Arabian Platform Fig 1 The Az Zabirah bauxite deposits are near Az Zabirah 27° 55 ′N and 43° 41 E in the northern part of Saudi Arabia 180 km to the north of Buraydah and 100 km northwest of Qiba town An NW SE strike of extends for about 90 km and dips for about 1° to the northeast character

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Max Steineke was a prominent American petroleum was chief geologist at California Arabian Standard Oil Co CASOC from 1936 until 1950 by which time CASOC had become Aramco His efforts and persistence through repeated setbacks led to the first discovery of oil in commercial quantities in Saudi Arabia which took place at the well known as

Abu Dhabi discovers rare blue hole in Arabian Gulf

 · Find out more Exploring the underwater phenomenon of blue holes A rare blue hole has been discovered in the Arabian Gulf by environment chiefs in Abu The underwater sinkhole lies just off Al Dhafra and is about 12 metres deep 200 metres wide and has an area of about 45 000 square The Environment Agency Abu Dhabi said it was a

How Much Oil in the Middle East GEO ExPro

In 1943 he visited Saudi Arabia on a special mission to collect data for an assessment of Middle Eastern oil In his report published in AAPG Bulletin July 1944 DeGolyer estimated the oil reserves of Iran Iraq Kuwait Saudi Arabia Bahrain and Qatar to be about 27 Bbo but also suspected that reserves of great magnitude remain to be discovered

Advantages of Limestone Analysis with pXRF and pXRD

 · Advantages of Limestone Analysis with pXRF and pXRD Analyzers Limestone is the main raw material used to prepare lime and cement and is also used as a melting agent in iron and steelmaking This resource is abundant and widely distributed in many parts of the world Portable X ray fluorescence pXRF and X ray diffraction pXRD analyzers can

Archaeologists Find Massive 8 000 Year Old Curiosmos

 · Archaeologists have discovered a massive monument Excavations have revealed a triangle shaped stone platform believed to date back around 8 000 years in Northern Saudi Arabia The ancient structure which consists of a triangular shaped platform measuring some 35 meters in length was found during archeological excavations at a site in the

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 · Saudi Arabia ranks third globally for smartphone use with percent of the population using smart mobile devices compared to 23 million smartphone users worldwide Mobile applications have become a rather useful tool in our lives and the kingdom has a global rate of percent user penetration in the Apps segment Startups have been

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Al Ukhdūd Arabic الأخدود formerly known as Raqmat Arabic رقمات is located in the south of Saudi Arabia in Bir Hima/Najrān region about 1 300 km 810 mi to the south of of the city was begun around 1997 by group of Saudi historians Since then many antiques have been found and the greatest discovery in the town was of the place