regeneration of calcium sulfate in phosphogypsum in Saudi Arabia


Changes in the content of water soluble calcium are insignificant which can be ex plained by the fact that the solubility of calcium sulfate is not high enough and it takes more time for calcium to appear in an ionic form Key words ammonium nitrogen nitrate nitrogen hydrolyzed nitrogen ammonium sulfate phosphogypsum mobile phospho

Applications of Lysozyme an Innate Immune Defense Factor

 · Calcium and magnesium resulted in the production of important ions for the reversal of lysozyme chelator activity against E coli strains probably due to their role in the stability and structure of the LPS layer Iron was effective in neutralizing lysozyme chelator inhibition probably because of its manifold functions and binding constants to chelators Sodium and potassium


The experiments were conducted during the period of July 2022 to May 20219 at Tissue Culture Laboratory SCU Egypt and Nutrition Lab KAU Saudi Arabia Seeds were allowed to sprout in clay pots filled with wetted Vermiculite in a greenhouse Sprouts 3 cm long were taken and surface sterilized with 10% Clorox for 5 min followed by washing three times with sterilized

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Sulfate removal mechanism by internal circulation iron carbon micro electrolysis Yanhe Han Chuantao Wu Xiaolu Fu Zhimin Su Meili Liu Separation and Purification Technology 2022 279 119762 49 Bioinspired synthesis and green ecological applications of reduced graphene oxide based ternary nanocomposites Sushma Yadav Arti Jain Priti Malhotra Sustainable

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Urea and ammonium sulfate changed the variables of physiological economic viability analysis showed difference in gain between sources and between doses and responses with the use of urea were substantially higher than with ammonium sulfate and the optimal dose of ureawas kg ha 1 N with net revenue of R$ 8 188 It was concluded that late nitrogen

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Calcium Sulfate Magnesium sulfate and the chlorides of these two metals cause permanent hardness Hardness as calcium carbonate The expression ascribed to the value obtained when the hardness forming salts are calculated in terms of equivalent quantities of calcium carbonate a convenient method of reducing all salts to a common basis for comparison Headloss The

Bone Regenerative Biomaterials in Periapical Surgery A

 · Hence in severe and refractory cases the periapical surgery is suggested to save the tooth as a last resort before the extraction [2 3] The success of this periapical surgery includes the regeneration of the periodontium [4 5] In the regeneration for the periodontium the bone grafts regenerative materials barrier membranes are used [6 7] There are studies related to

Nd III and Gd III Sorption on Mesoporous Amine

Scandium sulfate calcium chloride and magnesium sulfate were purchased from Guangdong Guanghua Sci Tech Co Haizhu District Guangzhou China All other chemicals were used as received and supplied by Prolabo France 79 rue des Morillons 75015 PARIS France métropolitaine The experiments were performed using freshly prepared solutions by dilution

Chemical characteristics of rainwater collected at a

 · The chemical composition of 35 rainwater samples collected from Ghore El Safi area from October 2022 to May 2022 was utilized in this study The mean ion concentrations for all samples are presented in Table pH of rainwater samples ranged from to with an averaged ± which is in the alkaline pH of rainwater in a clean

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Bone regeneration materials Calcium phosphate ceramics The calcium phosphates have been widely studied due to their biocompatibility tailorable bio absorbability and bioactivity Calcium phosphates have been used as novel delivery carriers for antibiotics anti inflammatory agents analgesics anticancer drugs growth factors proteins and genes [ ] Furthermore

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 · Gypsum is commonly known as calcium sulfate which is a sedimentary evaporate mineral CaSO 4 ·2H 2 O dehydrate that contains around 23% of calcium Ca and % of sulfur S Strydom and Potgieter 1999 Gypsum can be present in different calcium sulfate forms such as dehydrates hemihydrate and anhydrite The hemihydrate CaSO 4 · 2 O

The Development of a New Phosphogypsum Based Construction

 · Phosphogypsum PG is a waste or by product of the production of phosphoric acid a basic constituent in the manufacturing of modern fertilizers The annual production of phosphogypsum in Tunisia is currently estimated to be 10 million tons Its storage in slag in close proximity to production plants generates pollution problems however valorization may

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The study identified the exposure of nursing students both male and in a psychiatric hospital that is Madinah Kingdom of Saudi Arabia In this study the data has been analyzed by considering demographics of the respondents and inferential statistics The discussion of this study has been done by considering the results concerning age gender and other

Effect of Adding Resorbable Calcium Sulfate to Grafting

Effect of Adding Resorbable Calcium Sulfate to Grafting Materials on Early Bone Regeneration in Osseous Defects in Rabbits Khalid A Al Ruhaimi MSc Dr Med Dent1 This experiment was designed to study the osteogenic potential of adding medical grade resorbable calcium sulfate mixture to grafting materials for filling osseous defects Twelve New Zealand rabbits were

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The calcium sulfate band at 1153cm−1 has been shifted to 1113cm−1 that was assigned to polymerized sulfate in ettringite hydrated calcium aluminate sulfate phase [31] FTIR spectra of hydrated materials incubated in PBS for 15 days Figure 1 d showed the presence of overlapped bands at 1800 400cm−1 Therefore deconvolution was

Factors Affecting Scale Formation in Sea Water

 · The main constituents forming scale in sea water environments calcium carbonate calcium sulfate and magnesium hydroxide are extensively investigated in the present work In order to obtain a better understanding of the scaling tendency of the seawater environment an experimental unit was precisely designed and coupled with a data acquisition

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Profile PD Navkar Bio Chem is a manufacturer of food flour additives micronutrients and various are an ISO 9001 ISO 22000 ISO 14001 and USFDA certified company We manufacture various fine chemicals including ammonium chloride calcium carbonate calcium chloride dihydrate citric acid monohydrate copper sulphate pentahydrate

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Aim objectives We proposed that if we coat PE with calcium sulfate hydroxylapatite CS HA this would allow PE acted as an osteoconductive bone graft which enhance bone regeneration rather than formation of fibro vascularcapsule Material Methods In vitro PE disc were fabricated with pore size ranges from 100 to 400 μm the pore volume is >35% and the

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Sodium nitrite can be obtained in two ways by reacting sodium sulfate with calcium nitrite or nitrate calcium nitrite formed after the absorption of nitrous gases with lime milk Study of mutual solubility of the quaternary water system of nitrites nitrates and sulfates of sodium and calcium and its constituent ternary systems at 25°C Their isothermal solubility diagrams has been set

Plasma Technology for Phosphogypsum Treatment

 · The wastes were mainly composed of carbon calcium and sulfate In addition the analysis shows the presence of other elements such as C F Na Mg Si P Al Fe Cu and Cl These wastes are toxic because they contain arsenic and heavy metals such as lead chromium vanadium zinc and cadmium The wastes have irregular shapes and various particle sizes

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It therefore reveals clearly the high contents in calcium magnesium sodium and chloride salts whilst sulfate and bicarbonates salts were in smaller quantities According to the limits shown in Table 6 the wells 1 and 13 16 exceed the limits established in the Spanish regulation [ 44 ] in terms of chloride magnesium sodium potassium conductivity and TDS

Chapter Six Sulfur and Sulfate Waste Recycled

Summary of SulfatE Byproduct information Sulfate byproducts include fluorogypsum and phospho gypsum Only a limited amount of information was found for these byproducts No specific test methods were found in this information Louisiana was the only state that has evaluated blended calcium sulfate the fluorogypsum byproduct in cementitious blends as a

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 · Sulfate attack was identified as an important degradation process in radioactive waste disposal facilities Sulfate ions are widely distributed in cement environment either internally or externally as sodium calcium and magnesium sulfate External sources of sulfate ions are rocks either igneous or sedimentary groundwater clay seawater

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Carrageenans are sulfate polysaccharides synthesized by red algae Studies conducted in adults and children with the common cold showed the effectiveness of the use of Carrageenan in nasal spray For decades the antiviral action of Carrageenans has been described in numerous studies with different viruses that infect humans herpes viruses types 1 and 2 human

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Advancing biomaterials of human origin for tissue

 · Additionally DBM has been combined with several different types of materials such as glycerol Grafton from Osteotech USA hyaluronate DBX from Synthes USA poloxamer DynaGraft from GenSci Regeneration Sciences Canada gelatin Regenafil from Regeneration Technologies USA and calcium sulfate Allomatrix from Wright Medical

Removal of heavy metals and pollutants by membrane

 · Al Jlil SA 2022 Removal of heavy metals from industrial wastewater by adsorption using local Bentonite clay and roasted date pits in Saudi Arabia Trends Appl Sci Res 5 138 145 Article Google Scholar Al Rashdi B Somerfield C Hilal N 2022 Heavy metals removal using adsorption and nanofiltration techniques Sep Purif Rev 40 209 259

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The study population was composed entirely of patients who presented to the Outpatient Clinic College of Dentistry University of Dammam Dammam Saudi Arabia for evaluation and management of intrabony defects between March 2022 and March 2022 To be included in the study sample the following criteria were used for patient selection Absence of any systemic

Chapter 9 Water Quality for Subsurface

 · Calcium sulfate scale also may occur when temperatures are raised sufficiently to decrease the solubility of calcium sulfate to the point where precipitation occurs Prevention of sulfate scales in the first case normally is done by not mixing incompatible waters When this cannot be avoided one may follow one of the following procedures 1 allowing precipitation

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Saudi Arabia is one of the major producers of plastic in the world with total production capacity of around six million tons per year The amount of plastic wastes in Saudi Arabia is about 15 wt% in the composition of domestic municipality waste It has been estimated that almost 170 million tones of plastics were produced worldwide including approximately 15 million tons in Europe

Effectiveness of beta tricalcium phosphate in comparison

 · Beta tricalcium phosphate in regenerative surgery has shown promising results in terms of bone gain and new vital bone formation however several studies have contradicted this finding The aim of this study was to evaluate the effectiveness of beta tricalcium phosphate compared to other grafting materials in the regeneration of periodontal infra bony defects

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Scandium sulfate calcium chloride and magnesium sulfate were purchased from Guangdong Guanghua Sci Tech Co Haizhu District Guangzhou China All other chemicals were used as received and supplied by Prolabo France 79 rue des Morillons 75015 PARIS France métropolitaine The experiments were performed using freshly prepared solutions by dilution

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Calcium sulphate or calcium sulfate is a common laboratory and industrial chemical In the form of gamma anhydrite the nearly anhydrous form it is used as a desiccant It is also used as a coagulant in products like tofu In the natural state unrefined calcium sulphate is a translucent crystalline white rock

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Anhydrite or anhydrous calcium sulfate is a mineral with the chemical formula CaSO 4 Gypsum is a soft sulfate mineral composed of calcium sulfate dihydrate with the chemical formula CaSO 4 ·2H 2 O It is widely mined and is used as a fertilizer and as the main constituent in many forms of plaster blackboard/sidewalk chalk and drywall All varieties of gypsum

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In this work high quality nano calcium fluoride was successfully prepared in aqueous solution using calcined phosphogypsum by direct precipitation method A series of orthogonal experiments were carried out in study Here the calcined phosphogypsum powder was mixed with NH 4 F to react at 40°C for 70 min according to the optimum molar ratio Ca/ F=

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Insane Labz Agmatine Sulfate 32g agmatine in the environment of training people is considered a very strong pumping substance that gives amazing results It is enough to compare the dosage of agmatine with arginine and we will notice that the dose of 500 1000 mg of agmatine is really very strong with the effective dose of arginine starting at around 3000 mg Agmatine has a number

A New Procedure in Bone Engineering Using Induced Adipose

 · To evaluate bone induction in vivo a calcium sulfate/hydroxyapatite cement was prepared in a syringe and then seeded with 106 cells/mL of rat bone marrow stromal cells rMSCs and covered with 1 mL of tissue culture media containing mg of bone morphogenetic protein 7 BMP 7 The construct was injected into the abdominal fat tissue of 10 male