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Saudis call for Egypt investments to be protected Egypt

 · Saudi investors said they are worried about their investments in Egypt amid the current state of unrest They urged Egyptian authorities to protect those investments estimated to be worth LE30 billion In a statement to the press in Riyad the head of the Saudi Egyptian Business Council Abdallah Dahlan said the situation in Egypt is worrying for all Saudi and

Western Desert Map Of Egypt Egypt Western Desert Map

Western desert oasis Map Of Egypt The Western Desert covers about 700 000 square kilometers equivalent in size to Texas and accounts for about two thirds of Egypt s land area This immense desert to the west of the Nile spans the area from the Mediterranean Sea south to the Sudanese border The desert s Jilf al Kabir Plateau has an altitude of about 1 000 meters

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Sedimentological And Economical Studies Of Some Bentonite Deposites Areas At Western Desert Of Egypt / Yassin Hassan Abd El Sayed Mohamed Numerical methods based on polynomial and non polynomial spline functions for the solution of some types of partial differential equations / Abd Alaal Faisal Ezz eldin Ibraheem

Southern and Smaller Oases the Western Desert UNESCO

Site # 1 Kharga Oasis Kharga Oasis occupies a depression in the southern part of the Western Desert of Egypt extending for some 180 x 15 30 km in a north south direction at about 200 km west of the Nile The lowest point in the Oasis is more or less at sea level while the highest is at 400 masl The natural vegetation as well as the naturalized species and the cultivated plants

Impact of depositional environment on petrophysical

# Saudi Society for Geosciences 2022 Abstract Identification of the types of the depositional envi ronments that have control or influence on the distribution of petrophysical parameters is required to assess the potential utility of these parameters in the reservoir analysis The pri mary depositional facies plays an important role in the reser voir quality and assessment of the

Egypt Eni Eyes Western Desert Boost MEES

 · Egypt Eni Eyes Western Desert Boost Italy s Eni has signed a deal with Russia s Lukoil and Egypt state firm EGPC to merge the Meleiha and Meleiha Deep concessions in Egypt s Western Desert The parties have also agreed to extend the license until 2022 with the option to extend for a further five years The new concession will be

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 · Aeolian sands reported in the reviewed literature come from 15 different countries within Africa Asia and Oceania All of them except for Republic of Botswana India China and Australia belong to Arab countries Algeria Libya Egypt Saudi Arabia Iraq Iran Kuwait Yemen Qatar Sultanate of Oman and United Arab Emirates

Eni Makes Three Discoveries in Egypt s Western Desert

 · Egypt s petroleum ministry said on Tuesday that Italian energy group Eni made three oil and gas discoveries in the western desert The discoveries include oil gas and condensate discoveries in the Meleiha concession and an oil discovery in the South Mleiha concession area According to the Ministry of Petroleum the finds in the Meleiha

New gas discovery in Western Desert Eni Egypt Independent

 · Italian oil company Eni has made a gas discovery in the Obayed concession in the Egyptian Western Desert according to a Thursday statement A well was drilled into the concession 30 kilometers northwest of the Melehia concession in the Western Desert The well reached the target depth of 17 000 ft and encountered several gas bearing layers in

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Donald Powell Cole March 21 1941 in Bryan Texas is a noted anthropologist at the American University in Cairo He joined the university in 1971 He is a member of the American Anthropological has studied Arab nomadic cultures such as the Al Murrah in his The Social and Economic Structure of the Āl Murrah A Saudi Arabian Bedouin Tribe his

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The Nile divides the Egyptian desert plateau into two sections known as the Western Desert and the Eastern Desert Source National Geographic Britannica The Sahara Desert in central Egypt Shutterstock 16 Egypt are the most successful national football team in Africa They have won the Africa Cup of Nations tournament seven times qualified for the FIFA World Cup

12 militants killed in Western Desert Egypt Independent

 · Egypt 12 militants killed in Western Desert police crackdown Al Masry Al Youm December 6 2022 A man walks past the police near the site of a series of explosions in front of Cairo University April 2 2022 The series of explosions outside Cairo University killed two people on Wednesday including a police brigadier general security officials said in what appeared to

The family Stratiomyidae in Egypt and Saudi Arabia

Egypt and Saudi Arabia are two neighboring countries in the Middle East separated by the Gulf of Aqaba and the Red Sea Fig 1 Egypt is a transcontinental country as its majority is located in the northeastern corner of Africa while its northeastern extremity Sinai Peninsula is located in the southwestern corner of Asia On the other hand Saudi Arabia is wholly located in the

3D Seismic Structural Analysis and Basin Hindawi

 · In order to evaluate the hydrocarbon potential of the Matruh Basin North Western Desert of Egypt the tectonic history basin analysis and maturity modeling of the Albian Cenomanian Formations of the Matruh Basin were investigated using well logs and 3D seismic data Structural analysis of the tops of the Bahariya Kharita and Alamein Dolomite

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One of the most important sources is groundwater in western desert of Egypt More water abstraction is currently taking place raising the dangers of overexploitation and deterioration of water quality in Siwa oasis located in Egypt western desert The main objectives of this study are to monitor the quality of the Siwa oasis groundwater over ten years The present paper

Western Bentonite Plasticizer Description NorthernWestStuff

Complete Western Bentonite Plasticizer Description Bentonite is a special type of clay which is used in ceramics as a suspending agent viscosity increasing agent binder plasticizer and emulsion stabilizer There are several different types which exhibit slightly different properties It is usually a dark colored clay The fact that it s relatively inexpensive makes it an attractive

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Analysis of Spatial Changes of Coastal Environments for the Shuaiba in the Western Region of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Using Remote Sensing Technique مركز النشر العلمي مقال في مجلة دورية 1431 اطلاع عنوان البحث نوع البحث سنة البحث تأثير معدل العجز في كمية مياه الري المضافة على كفاءة

western desert bentonite in egypt

Miocene bentonite of North Western Desert Egypt was tested for pharmaceutical use Its main composition is montmorillonite The chemical composition fulfills the pharmacopeia requirements Learn More Classification of Mineral Deposit in Egypt Oct 16 2022· EGYPT BEDROCK Western Desert Sinai 18 Fig 1 Overview of the Eastern Desert Egypt modified from

Sulfonation of Natural Carbonaceous Bentonite as a Low

 · Bentonite sample enriched in organic matters oil shale was functionalized with −SO3H sulfonated carbonaceous bentonite S CB by sulfonation process as a low cost and effective acidic catalyst for the transesterification spent sunflower oil SFO The sulfonation effect was followed by several analytic techniques including X ray diffraction Fourier transform

Sodium Bentonite Clay Bentonite Egypt Sodium Bentonite

Sodium Bentonite Clay Bentonite Egypt Sodium Bentonite Powder Bentonite Clay in SaudiME GEL is a kind of organic bentonite which has good dispersibility suspension and slurry making properties in oil base mud It is generally used as viscosifier fluid loss reducer and pipe stuck releasing agent Chat Now Product Details Our Crooslinking AMPS Polymer Flooding

Assessment and Development of Alternative Water Resources

The Sinai Peninsula of Egypt the study area has two major sources of water 1 the renewable flash flood water and 2 the non renewable groundwater of the Nubian Aquifer an extensive aquifer in Egypt Saudi Arabia Sudan and Chad that is hosted in the Nubian Sandstone In Egypt that aquifer covers large domains of the Eastern Desert the Western Desert and

Multi component adsorption of Pb II Cd II and Ni II

 · However the adsorption of heavy metals on bentonite has been studied extensively in many countries such as Turkey Brazil Pakistan Saudi Arabia China and Greece the investigation of Egyptian bentonite ability to remove heavy metals is very rare In addition there is relatively less research attention has been paid to the removal of heavy metals from

Insight into the Adsorption and Photocatalytic Behaviors

 · The used natural bentonite samples were raw samples collected from local bentonite quarry Northern Western Desert Egypt Cetyltrimethylammonium bromide Sigma Aldrich CTAB 99% was incorporated during the organic modification of the bentonite sample Cobalt nitrate hexahydrate of analytical grade and of >98% purity Sigma Aldrich Egypt was

Bentonite Extender in Egypt Bentonite Extender

Bentonite Extender usually added right before the mill to ensure proper mixing of the polymer with the proper ore Evenly mixed ore with extender will result in meeting API specifications for minimum dosage rate for this application is normally between pound of Extender per ton of bentonite ore

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Egypt Bentonite Derivatives Company EBDC was founded in 1997 as a sister company To Egypt Mining Drilling Chemicals EMIDC 1989 to pioneer the Bentonite industry in the Middle East for the production of sodium activated Bentonite EBDC was launched to cover the increasing demand of the Bentonite market which exceeded the capacity of the older sister

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Most of these discoveries have been in central and western Saudi Arabia in Precambrian rocks of the Arabian Shield and this area continues to be the locus of most exploratory activity Among these mineral de posits the most important are the polymetallic sulfides au Au Ag Zn Pb particularly those belonging to the massive sulfide and stockwork types They are generally

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In Egypt the western desert plateau is predominantly sandy while in the Nile Valley and delta only two distinct soil areas exist as a result of the torrential depositions in the Pleistocene period In Pakistan sandy soils occur extensively in the north west the centre and the Thar desert The regions in the Sudan where sandy soils prevail predominantly are Kordofan and Darfur

Western bentonite

Natural bentonite with a sodium ion coverage on its clay surface predetermined by mineral formation Its name indicates its deposits larger deposits are to be found in Wyoming South Dakota/USA In America Western bentonite is distinguished from Southern bentonite calcium bentonite which is produced in the Southern States of Texas Utah and Arizona

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The Lower Silurian Qusaiba Hot Shale QHS has long been known as the major source rock in the Paleozoic petroleum system of Saudi Arabia However during the last few years special focus has been directed toward this formation as a candidate for unconventional shale gas reservoir due to its high organic content laterally extensive occurrence and reasonable vertical

Sodium Bentonite Clay Bentonite Egypt Sodium Bentonite

Sodium Bentonite Clay Bentonite Egypt Sodium Bentonite Powder Bentonite Clay in Saudi Arabia clay desiccant bags are compact extremely durable non dusting absorbent packets which take up little space in packaging yet have high moisture adsorbing capacity Send Inquiry Chat Now Product Details In the pursuit of quality our company s products have won

Arabian Journal of Geosciences Volume 11 issue 14

 · Characterisation of the Egyptian Pliocene bentonite from the Sohag region for pharmaceutical use Authors first second and last of 5 Abdelhamid Elshater Abdelaziz Elhaddad Waffa Soliman Content type S I Geology of Africa Published 21 July 2022 Article 385 This is part of 1 collection New Advances and Research Results on the Geology of

Egypt uncovers ancient Christian ruins in latest historic find

 · A French Norwegian archaeological team discovered ruins of a Christian settlement in Egypt s Western Desert The find reveals monastic life in the region in the fifth century AD the Egyptian Antiquities Ministry said on Saturday The French Norwegian mission discovered during its third excavation campaign at the site of Tal Ganoub Qasr Al Agouz in the Bahariya

The stabilization of Aeolian sand dunes CORE

Aggregate stability of some alluvial soils from mineral analysis of sand dunes in the Western Desert of Iraq 1987 Hydraulic conductivity of three Southeastern soils as affected by sodium electrolyte concentration and p1l Soil Sci 1966 Hydrogeology Coptright by 1976 Improvement of erosion preventive stability of soil by polymers 1976 Improvement of

Desert Bentonite In Egypt

Read Suitability of a Miocene bentonite from North Western Desert of Egypt for pharmaceutical use Applied Clay Science on DeepDyve the largest online rental service for scholarly research with thousands of academic publications available at your fingertips Read More PDF A Study on the Thixotropy of Egyptian Bentonite bentonite egypt pdf in assiut egypt A Study on the